Dopeler vs. Doppler Value Investing

Dopeler Value Investing is the automated implementation of the Doppler Value Investing philosophy. Dopeler Value Investing is used as a starting point to decide which of the thousands of stocks are worth a more in-depth investigation. It's called Dopeler Value Investing, because you have to be a dope to invest in a stock without checking the official financial figures and without considering how likely the company's past performance will be repeated in the future. (Yes, the word Dopeler comes from the movie Snow Day.)
Dopeler Doppler
Input figures are automatically provided Input figures are manually provided
Figures come from Figures come from the official annual reports or 10-K forms
Ignores intangibles Considers intangibles

What could the full Doppler Value Investing analysis find that the Dopeler analysis does not?

What are the sanity checks in Dopeler Value Investing?

The Dopeler Value Investing algorithm does NOT use the official financial figures but instead downloads and scrapes web pages from a third-party source ( Bad data can create false bargains, some of which can appear to sell for under 0.1% of intrinsic business value. The figures checked are:

Qualitative Analysis

You should NOT invest in a stock solely because of the financial figures. The future could be different from the past, so you need to look at intangibles.

Detailed Numerical Analysis